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Talent Measurement Training

Skill Tech Talent Measurement Training gives you the skills to deliver real business benefits through assessment and prove the value to your business. We teach you how to apply the world’s best personality and ability assessments and provide the skills you need to implement best-practice talent management within your organisation.

No other provider knows more than us about helping organisations identify and develop the right talent for business success. As the global leader in assessment training we ensure you have the necessary skills and toolkit to deliver – and prove - real business benefits.

We set the standard in professional certification Programmes are delivered by experienced HR practitioners and in India our organization enable registration for ISO 9001-2008 certificates in Assessment Testing.

Support for your business, during and after training Many of our programmes combine e-learning as well as classroom settings, and all can be delivered in-house to help tailor the course more closely to your needs.

Our course offerings include:

Ability and Personality Assessment Courses

Our Ability and Personality Assessment courses can help you

  • Become virtually self-sufficient in delivery of our assessments.
  • Objectively measure employee ability.
  • Assess a candidate’s personality and the potential impact on performance.
  • Ensure a fair and lawful selection process.
  • Relate assessment to competencies.

Test Administration

A practical programme designed for those who wish to be trained in the core skills for the administration and scoring of ability tests.

Occupational Testing - Ability

Enables delegates to evaluate, select and administer the most appropriate ability tests (and interest inventories), as well as score and provide results.

Occupational Testing - Personality

Covers the use of personality questionnaires, specifically the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), and enables delegates to become proficient in administering, interpreting and providing the results. A core focus is on how to relate the OPQ to competencies.

Occupational Testing - Personality and Ability

This intensive course covers the use of both ability tests and personality questionnaires, specifically the OPQ. It covers the whole process of implementation, from evaluation and selection to scoring and feedback, and relates assessment to competencies.

Conversion Courses

If you already have experience or previously trained with other organisations, we have a range of conversion courses to enable you to benefit from our leading portfolio of assessments.

All courses are delivered by experienced HR practitioners with local assessment knowledge: specific content will vary in accordance with local regulations. For specific information on each course, contact us or check out our Training Calendar.

HR Skills Courses

Our HR Skills courses can help you

  • Identify key competencies and relate them to job requirements and organisational success.
  • Understand and quantify the benefits of Assessment Centres and learn how to run them effectively.
  • Conduct objective interviewing.
  • Measure current performance using a variety of methods including 360° or 180° reviews, workplace tests, or team-type analysis.
  • Address development needs with plans that are effective, easy to implement and quantifiable.

Assessor Training

Ideal for HR professionals and line managers who are to act as assessors or observers, this course provides practical and comprehensive training in the assessment of a range of simulation exercises — including role play, group and in-tray — and develops skills that are applicable to a wide range of exercises and competencies.

Assessment and Development Centre Design

Designed for those who wish to become self-sufficient in the design and implementation of Assessment and Development Centres, this hands-on programme provides a comprehensive overview of the key issues involved in managing design and implementation.

Competency-Based Interviewing

Ideal for HR specialists and experienced line managers who need to gain practical experience on how to effectively apply Competency-Based Interviewing (CBI) in their organisations, or senior executives involved in the final stages of the selection process and looking to enhance their skills.

Competency Design and Job Analysis

Suitable for those involved in defining the critical success factors for roles and in the assessment of people for recruitment and development. Helps ensure competencies are accurately defined and reflect the organization’s objectives through training in systematic job analysis techniques (Card Sorts, Repertory Grid, Critical Incidents and Visionary Interviewing) and data integration.

360° Feedback

Ideal for HR or Learning and Development professionals considering implementing, facilitating or coaching a 360° process. Also for those looking to review and validate their organisation’s current processes against best practice. All courses are delivered by experienced HR practitioners with local assessment knowledge; specific content will vary in accordance with local regulations. For specific information on each course, contact us or check out our Training Calendar.

Expert Master Classes and Workshops

Master Classes

These half-day sessions offer a strategic view of talent assessment as well as practical guidance on integrating it effectively within your organisation. Using real-life examples, we will show how best practices can help you realise tangible benefits, such as cost reduction, lower employee turnover and improved performance.

For example, the Master Classes can help you:

  • Design and implement a world-class volume recruitment process.
  • Be more effective HR business partners.
  • Understand global trends in assessment and how to leverage them for business advantage.


The highly practical half-day workshops are designed to build on core assessment training. They provide users with relevant assessment tools practice, helping them integrate assessment into their organisation’s talent management processes.

For example, our Workshops can help you:

  • Use personality assessment to build effective teams and development plans.
  • On board new staff more effectively.
  • Develop leadership teams.

All courses are delivered by experienced HR practitioners with local assessment knowledge; specific content will vary in accordance with local regulations.