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A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. – Albert Einstein



“We offer Hope, You Can Help “

All peoples have hopes, dreams and courage... but not all of them have the opportunities to take them forward. You can help them of opportunity they need. By supporting a person from an underprivileged community supported by Skill Tech Welfare Association, you can directly pull them out of the whirlpool of poverty, despair and illiteracy. Through our projects, we seek to create a nurturing environment to ensure that groups of persons get access to benefit their needs. You can be that person of hope for their better tomorrow.

What does Skill Tech Welfare Association do?

We undertake projects directly with the target communities or in partnership with other NGOs in the following areas:

  • Skill Training Schools in Remote Areas
  • Rehabilitation
  • Natural Recourses
  • Livelihood education
  • Empowerment of women Societies
  • Elimination of child Labour
  • Environment Awareness and Conservation
  • Care of the old aged and orphans
  • Development of Tribal, SC, BC and Minority communities
  • Health Activities and HIV/AIDS awareness

Support an Skill Tech Welfare Association project and choose to make a difference, today!